Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Bitcoin’s phenomenal growth and widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency in recent times are only overshadowed by the technology that made it all possible - Blockchain. With critical security issues prevalent in the centralized approach used in making transactions of any type, it was soon realized that Blockchain Technology could be used for more than cryptocurrency exchanges. By setting up a massively distributed system, multiple copies of the data can be hosted simultaneously, which makes it impossible to forge or manipulate a record, thus creating a revolution in the way data was stored, accessed, modified and used. Finance, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing – the scope of applicability of this technology across diverse verticals is limited only by imagination and our technological prowess.

Unravel the complete potential of this promising new technology with Openwave. Being constantly on the lookout for new-age advancements and innovation, we realized the immense capability of this technology early on and garnered the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to deliver customized blockchain development solutions for nearly any business, institution or sector.

What We Do?

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A surge in the popularity of crypto-coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and their widespread adoption can hold the key to unraveling new business opportunities. We can help you develop and integrate a wallet wherein users can store, send, receive, make purchases, and more using cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contracts Development

Conventional contracts are cumbersome and taxing! With a smart contract, you can digitally facilitate and enforce a contract, without the need for intervention by a third party. Highly secure, verifiable, automated and cost-saving, our solutions are built using Hyperledger Fabric and Solidity, an Ethereum-based technology stack.

Blockchain Application Development

In nearly every industry, there’s a growing need for decentralized and radically futuristic applications that hold the key to disruption, thus bringing in a new business model that thrives on transparency and greater security. At Openwave, we hold extensive experience in making this possible and deliver Dapps for both web and mobile.

Custom Blockchain Development

With blockchain, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution! Every niche, every business has specific requirements that can only be met by ideating and conceptualizing a viable blockchain that translates the vision into a working solution and can transform business transactions to make data immutable.


Cross-industry collaboration between domains such as Healthcare, Education, Finance, and more, is made possible by enforcing a blockchain built on the Hyperledger Composer. We can formulate a viable solution and enable exchange, viewing, and maintenance of information or assets within a permissioned group in a safe, secure and transparent manner.


In Banking and Finance

Security forms the crux of any bank or financial institution and a lot of planning, resources, and infrastructure goes into ensuring that it’s at optimum levels. Introducing blockchain into the system achieves unmatched security, maintains transparency and can reduce overhead costs to a significant extent.

In Education and Academic

Misplacing essential academic papers or losing out complete educational data due to a server breakdown are all possibilities that can be averted with a blockchain solution that holds critical data in a safe, secure, yet easily accessible manner. The system can also enable resource-sharing between different educational bodies.

In Real Estate

In nearly every property deal, finding clear ownership records can prove cumbersome with over a dozen different documents to be scrutinized. With a blockchain, the information can be recorded in blocks over a period of time, thus allowing easy traceability of information and preventing litigation and disputes.

In Healthcare

Blockchain has the potential to bring greater transparency in healthcare, making patients’ medical records accessible to a permissioned group that involves the patient, hospitals, and other medical institutions. This considerably speeds up the diagnostic process, since the entire medical history is readily accessible.

In Government and Public Services

Critical records including tax information and other data need to be stored in a highly secure manner. By implementing a blockchain and storing the data on a decentralized space, governments can address the dual challenge of addressing the need for transparency and data protection.

Retail and Manufacturing

On a micro level, retailers need to contend with limited supply visibility and higher demand for authenticity. Blockchain can overcome the challenges by assuring immutable trust at every step, right from product design to chain of custody, thus driving out counterfeit goods and improving operational efficiencies.

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