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Content Management System

In the world of Digital communication, content and its quality play a major role in driving business engagement. As businesses abandon traditional marketing channels and embrace the online medium, the significance of content management in the brand building has been growing steadily. This is why your business needs a well-functioning CMS system which can aid in improving conversions and generate positive outcomes.

Openwave is a global leader in CMS development with over two decades of experience. Our turnkey CMS solutions have been preferred by some of the leading brands with whom we work closely to ensure great productivity and dominating online presence. Our development process can be characterized by its strict adherence to following guidelines and building solutions that are tailor-made for the specific business needs of our clients.

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Why CMS?

SEO Support

Optimizing the website based on SEO guidelines boosts visibility and search rankings. CMS tools can aid in improving SEO performance.

Text/Media Control

WYSIWYG visual editor enables the building and modification of the website content using text, images, and videos using a real-time preview window.

Admin Controls

Easy administration of the page enabled by a dedicated backend panel that integrates a clean and easy-to-use UI.

Data Management

Management of large troves of website data is simplified thanks to the integration of a dedicated tools and controls.s

Cost Effective

Development is simple and affordable and is resource-intensive. This makes it easy to build and maintain with a small technical team.

Customizable Designs

Availability of tens of thousands of designs and templates across the internet make it easy to develop a unique website experience.

Rich Media

Owing to rich media support, it can handle large media files and offer a seamless method for populating the website with videos and Infographics.

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