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Joomla is a popular CMS that boasts of several state-of-the-art features. An award-winning platform, it is optimized for enterprise website development and is trusted by hundreds of brands across the globe. With its active users exceeded only by that of WordPress user base, it is powered by a global developer community that churns out thousands of extensions and plugins, making it a highly flexible and scalable platform.

Openwave is a globally-acclaimed Joomla developer with a skilled development team. With two decades of experience in the IT field, we have catered to the website development needs of several leading brands across the globe, including formulation of CMS solutions. Our team offers the entire gamut of Joomla development services and strives to develop solutions that are highly effective in their performance and stand out for their aesthetic superiority.

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Why Joomla?

Superior CMS

Organization and management of large volume of data and content are easy thanks to the availability of a user-friendly admin dashboard.

Customizable Themes

The availability of thousands of free and paid themes empowers users with choice, and allows them to keep their websites unique and save development time.

Flexibility in Integration

As the platform is OpenSource and boasts of a vibrant developer community, a large number of plugins and extensions can be integrated into the website.

SEO Compatibility

SEO tools aboard the platform Joomla enable exceptional customizability of content with Meta Tags and unique URLs, thereby enabling optimization for search engines.

Media Hosting

WYSIWYG editing feature allows easy development of web pages and enables effective placement of media content on the website.

Language Support

A truly multilingual platform that offers support to over 70 languages with dedicated add-on packs.

Increase brand awareness and engagement by opting for our Joomla development services! To know more about our offerings, give us a call @ +65 94594989.