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Portfolio of Microsoft DotNet Projects

Project 1

Project Name: Job Management System
Client: MNI Electrospark, Australia
Environment: ASP.NET MVC 4.5, C#, SQL Server 2014, JQuery, WCF

MNI provides electrical, plumbing and building maintenance solutions to the residents of Sydney and its suburbs. MNI acts as sub contractors for New South Wales Housing Board.

A web application integrated with android and iPhone mobile application was developed to track the work orders. MNI receives work orders through emails with the details either being attached in a PDF file or in the body of the email. A scheduler periodically scans Microsoft Outlook and searches for work orders. It then reads the PDF/email body and creates work orders which will be accessed from the web application. Technicians will be allocated to the work order from the web application, which will be eventually accessed from the mobile app, when the technician logs in with his credentials. Completion status of the work order will be filled in by the Technician from the mobile app which will be updated back to the web application. Once the work order is done, amount will be computed for each order and will be submitted for approval.

This application contains the following modules:

  • Master
  • Pricing configuration
  • Assign and un-assign technician to and from the work order
  • Compute amount and submit claim.

Project 2

Client: Payment Gateway Company, USA
Environment: NET Framework 4.5, C#, ADO.NET, Object Relational Mapping, Entity Framework, Reflection, MySQL, LINQ, Windows Server 2012/2008

Biller Advantage-Account Analysis File Generator is a Windows Console Application that generates different types of files for each reseller. Fiserv wanted to build this application in such a way that each reseller has their own plugin and each plugin creates different files based on reseller’s requirement. Account Analysis File Generator application loads the plugin dynamically at run time based on the reseller.

Biller Advantage-Payment Portal is a robust versatile online payment processing system and has many features which can be customized based on merchant’s needs. This system provides various payment/billing options thru various channels of consuming its services like WEB, PayPoynt API, IVR, SSO, Customer, Guest and CSR. Some of the important features of this system include Iframe adaptability, Mappoynt, Reseller, Mobile site, Single payment, Multiple payment, Split payment schedule payment, recurring payment, ACH payment and various batch processing.

Project 3

Project Name: License Management System
Client: Chartwell Compliance (Chartwell), USA
Environment: ASP.NET MVC 4.5, C#, SQL Server 2014, JQuery, Entity Framework

Chartwell Compliance is a leading regulatory compliance and risk management services company.

A web application was developed for Chartwell, to maintain and alert the Staff with regard to procuring / renewing the licenses of their clients. Master information like Country, State, License Types, Renewal Terms etc. are maintained. All information pertaining to a license are captured in the system. All information and documents collected from the client with regard to procuring / renewing the license are also captured in the system.

The application has a calendar control that lists the events and tasks that are due on each date of a specific month.

The system has also a personal disclosure module where the personal information required for procuring / renewing licenses are filled by the clients online. Clients can choose multiple states and multiple licenses they apply for. Information entered by the clients is filled up in multiple editable PDFs supplied by the states. Questionnaires are generated dynamically on the webpage which are configured by the admin at the backend which will help to consolidate the questions and get answers once which can be used across various states/forms. This simplifies the life of Staff and clients and make the license procurement/renewal process efficient which is the heart of this system.

This application contains the following modules:

  • Master
  • License Maintenance
  • Client License Maintenance
  • Notifications
  • Personal Disclosure Module

Project 4

Project Name: Independent Management Appraisal Certification System- IMACS
Client: Independent Gemmological Laboratory, USA
Environment: VB.NET, MS-SQL Server 2005, Crystal Reports 11, Windows XP/Windows Server 2003

IMACS has been developed for the client Independent Gemological Laboratory, New York, USA. IMACS provides the complete solution for a diamond/colored stone/pearl jewelry grading and certification organization. IMACS handles all process including Order Receiving, Job Order, Quote Creation, Template Creation, Grading, Engraving, Inscription, QC, Certificate Generation, Printing, Invoice, Packing, Shipping, and sophisticated Security Management System for application's user management. It also supports integration with QuickBooks application to handle inventory, Customer and financial related transactions. Reports have been developed using Crystal Reports11

Key Features

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Job Order
  • Inventory
  • Vendor
  • Grading
  • Certificate Printing on various sizes
  • Reports

Project 5

Project Name: InterPoynt LLC, USA
Client: InterPoynt
Environment: ASP.NET2.0/4.0, VB.NET, Java, MySQL, Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux, IIS6.0/7.0

InterPoynt, is a robust versatile online payment processing system and has many features which can be customized based on merchant’s needs. This system provides various payment/billing options through various channels of consuming its services like WEB, PayPoynt API, IVR, SSO and CSR. Some of the key features of this system are listed below:

  • Single, Multiple, Split Tender, One Time and Recurring payment options
  • Payment methods that include credit card, debit card, check and savings
  • Customizable user interface using GUI settings tool
  • Email and SMS notification features with customizable templates for many events
  • Reconciliation and remittance reports
  • Real Time Post Back and Single Sign On features
  • PayPoynt API which provides web services for other systems to consume payment features
  • MapPoynt feature to map inbound and outbound data exchange
  • Role based access control

Project 6

Project Name: Diamond and Colored Stone Grading System
Client: A Gem Testing Laboratory, Srilanka
Environment: ASP.NET MVC 4.0, C#, MySQL, JQuery, Entity Framework

Our client is a gem testing laboratory specialized in grading diamonds, gem stones and ornaments.

This web application was developed to be used by their customer service representatives, graders, managers and Clients. The customer service representative receives items from the customer and keys in the details of the items received, processes that need to be done, kind of certificate needed etc. Once the data is keyed in, the application generates a receipt, which has all details of the items and will be issued to the customer. Bar codes/QR codes are generated, tagged with the items and the details are passed to the grader. The grader then analyses the item, captures the attributes and enters those details. Certificate of Authenticity will be issued if the item meets the criteria. Results will be disclosed to the client in the channel he prefers (Credit card type / Mini / Full report and by means of Online report) and amount to be paid will be computed. Clients can re-submit the item if he disputes the results. Managers can track inventory and generate other vital reports.

This application contains the following modules:

  • Memo
  • Tracking Slip
  • Grading
  • Invoice
  • Delivery Order
  • Inventory

Project 7

Project Name: Engage-SBDB
Client: Engage IST, USA
Environment: ASP.NET3.5, VB.NET, MySQL5.1, Windows Server 2003, Linux, IIS7.0

Engage-SBDB is a web-based application to manage projects and contract of Small Business Data Base (SBDB) with a Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) and using ASP.NET3.5 with VB.NET and MySQL backend database. There are several types of users that include Engage IST users, consultants, Small Business (SB) users, Disadvantaged Businesses Enterprises (DBE) users, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) users. This application has several modules as listed below

  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Sub-Contract Management/Multi-Tiered Contract Management
  • Users Management
  • Vendor Management
  • NAICS/SIC Data Import
  • SB, DBE and DVBE data Import
  • Audit Trail
  • Attainment and Commitment Reports with charts and graphs
  • Report Data Export option in Excel, CSV and PDF formats
  • Backup and Restore

Project 8

Project Name: ETrack - SMB-AMR Customer Web Portal
Client: SMB, Singapore
Environment: ASP.NET3.5, C#, Java, MS-SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 and IIS7.0

SMB is one of the leading power suppliers for houses, business units in Singapore. SMB-AMR Customer Web Portal is an online portal for the tenant and admin users of the system to view current consumption report for the month, week, and current date. There are different types of users on this system like Admin Users, Owners and Tenants. Admin Users will have access to the admin module where they can manage users, user groups and roles related activities.

Owner module will have several reporting features like energy consumption by facility, zone and energy efficiency levels with zones, billing list.

Data for the system is be retrieved from the MultiDrive database which holds hourly consumption of power by each meters/tenants/building and etc.

The following is the list of modules

  • User Management
  • User Roles Management
  • Users Group Management
  • User Group Creation Screen
  • Zone Management
  • Owner Module
  • Tenants Module
  • Reports
    • Energy Consumption of facility
    • Energy Consumption by Zones
    • Energy Efficiency Level within Zones
    • Demand Summary
    • Zones wise summary
    • Tree view option for Facility/Zone/Tenant
    • Report Period(Historical Data Max 1 year or Present Data
    • Compare By Zones(Multiple zone selection option)
    • Report Options for Monthly, Daily, Hourly, By Zone and By Site

Project 9

Project Name: ABC Applications
Client: AmerisourceBergen Corporation, USA
Environment: ASP.NET3.5, VB.NET, AJAX, MS-SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003 and IIS6.0

We have developed many web portal and web applications for AmeriSource Bergen Corporation. Here is the list of applications developed

  • ABC Fastlane
  • ABC Micro Site
  • ABC Dashboard
  • ABC Contract Roll

Project 10

Project Name: Bridge Staffing
Client: Multi-Media Concepts, USA
Environment: ASP 3.0, AJAX, MS-SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003 and IIS6.0

We upgraded bridgestaffing.com web portal with the following modules

  • Personal Information
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Skill Specialties
  • Miscellaneous

Project 11

Project Name: Payroll System
Client: Olympic Payroll, USA
Environment: ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, MS-SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003 and IIS6.0

The scope of this project is to replace the existing standalone application with web based version of the Olympic Payroll Application. This is a secured single web based system that will support all customers of Olympic Payroll Services. The new system is simple, user friendly and reliable to support the growth. This has automated following features

Admin Module Features

  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Reports

Customer Module Features

  • Payroll Period Management
  • Employee Management
  • Deductions Management
  • Miscellaneous Management
  • Direct Deposit
  • Time Transactions

Project 12

Project Name: Employee Resource Allocation
Client: Resource America, Inc, USA
Environment: ASP.NET2.0, VB.NET, MS-SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, IIS6.0

Resource America, Inc. is a specialized asset management company that uses industry specific expertise to generate and administer investment opportunities for its own account and for outside investors in the commercial finance, real estate and financial fund management sectors.

Employee Resource Allocation is an intranet application which uses form authentication and authenticates them against the Active Directory Groups and users. The User privileged screens will be displayed as per the AD Group. Employee's resources have been allotted by the Hiring manager and approved by the Human Resource Manager. They may even terminate the employee from the organization. It handles multiple companies and its employees and the Hiring and Human Resource Managers can only access the companies assigned to them.

Project 13

Project Name: Repuestos-Originales
Client: Repuestos-Originales, USA
Environment: ASP.NET2.0, AspDotNetStoreFront, VB.NET, PostgreSQL, Windows Server 2003, IIS6.0

A search & buy web site for all parts of vehicles that are available all around the world. Database contains the details of billions of records about the parts of vehicles and diagrams of the parts. The main feature of this site is to search by Year, Make and Model of the vehicle as well as by VIN number and OEM Part Number. This also contains diagrams of all parts in the database. Data were imported from AAIA and MOTOR data repository.

  • Drilldown Search feature for vehicle parts for all make, all model available all around the world
  • Vehicle Parts display with diagrams and comparison of competitors price.
  • Real time Shipping rate calculation
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Multiple Language support
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
  • QuickBooks Accounting Software Integration
  • Sophisticated Reporting tool
  • Import tool for MOTOR and AAIA data update

Project 14

Project Name: SpecSheet and Cost Sheet
Client: TrakWear, USA
Environment: ASP.NET2.0, VB.NET, MS-SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, IIS6.0

Lead the Development team in developing SPECSHEET and COSTSHET for an apparel manufacturing company Nancy Bolen, USA. The objective of this application was to define specification and calculate various cost involves in designing apparel based on Season, Style, Group, Size, Pattern, Material, Imports and Classes. Cost factors involve in this are labor cost, trimming labor cost, Import Cost, Trim Cost and other costs. Final cost sheet will be generated for various locations (country) based on the above-mentioned parameters.

Project 15

Project Name: Set Point Fitness
Client: SetPoint Sports+Fitness, USA
Environment: ASP.NET2.0, VB.NET, MS-SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, IIS6.0

Setpoint Fitness is a Fitness company, which provides highest quality nutritional products available to athletes, coaches, personal trainers, or anyone on the go, who is seeking a healthier lifestyle. SetpointFitness.com is an E-Commerce website with effective shopping cart using PayPal. It also provides a Content management System in Admin Panel to add new products and to handle orders. Effective reports on Orders, Customers, Trainers Etc.,

Key Features

  • PayPal E-Commerce Payment Gateway Integration
  • Admin module
  • Product Management/CMS
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Payment History

Project 16

Project Name: Front Stream Payments, USA
Client: Secure Payment Gateway
Environment: ASP.NET C# 3.5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and MSSQL 2008

The primary focus of the product is to accept payments in a hosted environment to drive the transaction processing business of Front stream Payment’s (ArgoFire) Gateway. The development of the Secure Payment Gateway (SPG) includes a customer-facing website built to enable a client (merchant) to offer a web payment option to their customers, configuration of the customer-facing payments website via Partner Portal, for use by Front stream Payments (FSP) implementation and reporting capabilities for FSP and the client, real-time and batch processing.

Project 17

Project Name: Exotiq Property
Client: Exotiq Property, Singapore
Environment: ASP.NET3.5, C#, MS-SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, IIS7.0

Exotiq is an online real estate web site to buy, sell or rent properties that includes high attractive resorts, apartments, penthouses, villas, lands and commercial properties.

  • User Management
  • Property Management
  • Buyer Management
  • Seller Management
  • Reports

Project 18

Project Name: Ordering System
Client: PSC Global, USA
Environment: ASP.NET2.0, VB.NET, MS-SQL Server, Windows Server 2003, IIS6.0

PSC Global is importers and distributors of Die board. This project maintains the board details, existing customers, Orders, invoices and inventory details. The following modules are available in this project.

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Shipping
  • Invoice
  • Inventory

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