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6 Android Q Features That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever since the first version, Android has continued to surprise us with an array of features with every release. Google is keen on bridging the gap between humans and technology, and Android Q is the latest upgrade towards achieving that goal. Loaded with some extremely sleek features, Q is looking to captivate users with aesthetics as well as performance. This tenth version has released the Beta, and the first-look reviews are mostly positive!

Here are 6 amazing features Android Q has that will leave you spellbound:

1) Dark Theme

A dark theme UI is aesthetically irresistible. Apps like Twitter and YouTube flaunt it proudly, and with Android Q, you can make your phone completely dark themed! A quirky, yet essential trend, dark theme has been demanded by Android fans for a long time now. And with the latest phones having fluid-smooth UI, a pitch-dark background is the perfect companion to go with it.

2) Gestural Navigation Updates

To aid with removing bezels, Android Q is going to bring some big-game changes to the way navigation works. Android 9/Pie had some peppy methods for gestural navigation, and this is only going to be upgraded here on out. Button-less navigation is becoming a new fad and having gestures do the job is a great way to progress.

3) Security Patches

A usual update, few security patches and upgrades have been expected to make their way into the Q version.

4) Better Privacy

App permissions have always been a fishy aspect of smartphones. With several apps demanding permissions for features unnecessary, privacy has become one of the main concerns and Google has addressed them. Android Q will allow you to customize App Permissions completely!

5) Live Caption

One of the most amazing features seen this far, Live Caption will provide subtitles for any audio/video playing, if necessary! This is a great move towards the deaf Android users, and a thing of convenience for others as well.

6) Reply through Notifications Bar

Earlier versions didn't allow any notification action other than to remove it from the tray. But with Q, you will be able to do everything from 'liking' to replying.

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