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Why Mobile Geo-Location Is The Next Big Thing To Reach Target Customers?

Over the last few years, mobiles have undergone a drastic evolution. From a simple communication tool, today, phones have become a comprehensive tool for achieving higher functionality. Right from high-end cameras to fingerprint scanners, the features that modern-age phones come loaded with make it a handheld technological powerhouse. In particular, the advent of GPS-enabled smartphones has set off a new movement in the world of mobile marketing. Leading the front of the innovation race are location-based mobile apps which can be used to geo-target potential customers. Let’s take a look at how mobile geo-location can help your business reach out to target customers:

1. Geo-Aware Ads

Consider this: You’re hungry and are looking for a decent restaurant near you. An advert which shows a restaurant that’s 25 miles away from you will most likely be dismissed. This is where geo-aware adverts come in handy! These ads are based on a mobile user’s real-time location and are adjusted based on factors such as time, weather, etc. Such ads are more targeted and are proven to exhibit superior results.

2. Target Nearby Customers

Geofencing your physical store enables you to send out ads and notifications to individuals who are in the vicinity of your business. Geo-fencing works best when your customers have your business’ mobile app installed on their devices. Every time they’re near your store, personalized push notifications can be sent to their mobile devices.

3. Target Competitor Customers

In the business realm, one needs to adopt the smartest strategies to survive and grow. Geo-conquesting involves setting up a perimeter around your competitor’s store to serve exciting discounts, promos, and deals to customers. Every time a customer is near your competitor’s store, you can lure them to your business instead with specialized deals.

4. In-Store Tracking

Location-based mobile apps can keep a tab on customer movement within your store. Imagine you notice that a client is taking too much time to decide on a music CD; you can immediately deploy a sales rep to help the customer out. You can also use it to draw in customers to a new release or provide details on where the latest arrivals are located within the store.

5. Location Analytics Redefine Retail

A local restaurant sponsored a festival and of the 15,000 visitors it tracked using their location, the restaurant could notice a net gain of 1400 new customers, which proved the fact that the sponsorship had paid off! From tracking customer wait times during check-out to measuring store’s traffic flow to measuring campaign success, location data is useful in monitoring customer behavior and can help businesses tailor their strategy accordingly. For instance, Location-based apps are the future of mobile marketing and can help you reach targeted customers. Enable your business’ mobile app with geolocation capabilities today!

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