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Can Good Website Design Have a Positive Impact on ROI?

In the words of Milton Glaser, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Yes, we’ve all heard it before – the significance of great design when it comes to website development – but how often have we thought of its impact on our business and ROI. Is website design merely about providing a shallow exterior that holds no real value or is there more to it?

Here we attempt to break down the facts on website design and present a clear picture on the impact of a standout website design on ROI:

The Statistics Say It All

39% of users will abandon a website if the images take too long to load. Two-thirds of users are more likely to read the entire content if it is presented attractively. A complicated web design with poor usability can result in 3.5 users out of 10 failing to complete basic tasks. 18% of users will share your website with others if they find it highly-attractive and usable. Need we say more?

An Uptick in Search Ranking

Great website design can lead to improved SEO. How? Search engines love updated websites and fresh content. Since web design often involves updating the entire content structure, modification of the front end code and link structures, it can help your website rank higher which in turn leads to benefits in sales, ROI and lead generation.

Broaden the Reach with Responsive Design

Did you know? Mobile users are all set to surpass desktop users in the near future. Attractive web design is a must, but when the same fails to load on a mobile user’s browser, you may lose out on a potential lead forever. Embracing responsive web design can help you reach out to the mobile audience and generate good returns.

Distinction or Extinction?

A vast majority of websites within an industry look alike – they follow the same play of colors and the same layouts. A unique website design can speak volumes to your customers and let them know why you’re special. This makes a considerable difference in the number of customers who pick your brand over others.

While we cannot precisely predict the impact web design has on ROI, logic dictates that a good website design can positively impact your business’ ROI.

What users look for when it comes to website design?

1. A website that’s a visual treat to the eyes

2. Refreshingly new and exhilarating designs

3. Readable, attractive and intriguing layout

4. Highly usable site with easy navigation

5. Clean web design, optimized for high performance

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