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Why Shopify is Considered to be the Safest for E-commerce

Shopify is the most widely used platform for building e-commerce websites. It is popular for its user-friendliness, range of options, and most importantly, its safety! It has a large variety of customizable themes and plugins to choose from. Besides that, it offers extensive functionality which boosts e-commerce activities to maximize profits. As for safety, Shopify offers attractive bounties to white hackers for finding loopholes and bugs in its security system. It also rolls out security updates regularly and simultaneously to all users. Undoubtedly, it provides one of the best risk analysis tools out there!

Here’s why Shopify development is considered to be the safest e-commerce solution.

1) Shopify’s Bug Bounties Program Ensures Security

You know Shopify is serious about the safety of its platform when it is ready to reward white hackers for detecting potential loopholes, bugs, and security threats. This helps reveal the plausible vulnerabilities that exist so that they can be taken care of before they start causing problems to the online e-commerce retailers.

The bug bounties program rewards the white hat hackers handsomely for their work. The prize amount ranges from $500 - $12,500 depending on the severity of the issue discovered. To tell you the truth, Shopify has given over $180,000 since the inception of this program. This encourages hackers to do the right thing and report vulnerabilities to the company instead of exploiting them for personal gains.

2) Shopify is a SaaS Platform

Unlike Magento and WooCommerce which are open source platforms, Shopify is a hosted SaaS platform. The reason this difference is related to better security is that when Shopify makes a security update, the changes are automatically rolled out to all the users without any effort on their side. However, for the open source platforms, the users will have to download the security patch separately and install it into their existing software versions. If the site administrator fails to integrate the patch and update the web server, the security of the e-commerce site is compromised. Additionally, if you link multiple plugins as your open source platform, there is a need to maintain and update them separately. This may become a serious problem if you are not able to keep track of all the plugins and manage them properly, leading to potential cyber attacks. However, consideration is not of concern when it comes to Shopify. This serves as a major advantage for the security of the e-commerce websites built on this platform.

3) Shopify Is Incentivized To Improve Security

With over 500,000 customers visiting its e-stores, Shopify is a publicly traded company which earned $150 million in revenue and is a $10 billion market cap. This evidently makes it the most valuable platform for e-commerce development. The major portion of their income is not really from the monthly subscription fees they get from the e-store owners, but from the percentage of gross earnings they extract from the sales made by them. Since Shopify has projected itself as a high-value e-commerce solution, its security is continuously strengthened to brave all kinds of cyber threats.

4) Shopify’s Excellent Tools For Risk Analysis

One of the major concerns for running an e-commerce business is that there are cases of fraudulent orders which can potentially lead you to undesirable losses. When customers initiate chargeback of orders, you are charged a fee for processing the charge-back and you also lose the cost of the product along with its shipping. Moreover, you can be suspended by your payment processor which disallows you from processing the payments. Such cases can really be troublesome and hinder the smooth functioning of your online retailing business. Shopify is backed by powerful security tools which enable it to automatically cancel orders when suspicious activities are detected. They are capable of verifying the billing street address, credit card details against the submitted address, and also checking if the credit card has been previously flagged for fraudulent activities.

Shopify development is hands-down the most secure platform available for e-commerce ventures. While it offers a plethora of flexible features, it’s robust security provisions make it really impregnable! Openwave is an expert Shopify eCommerce Development Company in Singapore! Get in touch with us and share your requirements today! We deliver A1 custom services for Shopify development!

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