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Choosing ASP.NET Over Other Programming Languages for Your Website

PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language in the world today, with more than 800 million websites using it for server-side operations. A large part of its appeal is its open source nature. ASP.NET is a rival programming language that can do everything that PHP can. The only supposed drawback of ASP.NET is that it isn’t open source.

If you’re planning to build a website, you have several scripting languages to choose from, including ASP.NET. So the question is: should you develop your website with ASP.NET over PHP or other programming languages? Here are some reasons why ASP.NET might be a suitable choice for your site:

ASP.NET is Cost-Effective

While you do have to pay if you want to use ASP.NET for enterprise level solutions, scaled down versions of ASP.NET are available for free. For example, if you’re a beginner, you can download the WebMatrix program for free and get access to a developer environment with an integrated web server as well as a database engine with the SQL Compact Edition add-on.

ASP.NET Has Simple Code That Lets You Do More With Less

ASP.NET has a very simple syntax. In many cases, ASP.NET code is even simpler than the PHP code. This simplicity makes for easy to understand programs and, in the end, translates into faster loading times for your website.

ASP.NET is Open-Source Too

Microsoft makes .NET code freely available, allowing you to modify or build custom .NET code. This capability allows you to build advanced functions into your website easily. Microsoft also gives you access to the source code of new ASP.NET releases through their CodePlex platform. If you study this code, it will enable you to build better websites.

High-Security Solutions

ASP.NET allows you to create robust applications with various degrees of protection. You can design your application to have multiple access tiers by creating Memberships, Roles, Classes and the like. It also has some built-in protections that will prevent mistakes while coding.

Sometimes it helps to get an expert opinion when building a website. A good developer will be able to understand your needs and help you choose a programming language that best matches them. You should consider having an expert to build your website for you and save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.

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