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3 Key Transformations iPhone Has Brought About In The Enterprise World

This year marks a decade of iPhone being released and used commercially as a smartphone of choice for most and starting as a skepticised phone, it is the mark of unmatched quality and great user experience today. Just like the iPhone has transformed the user experience for good, it has also brought in a great deal of transformation in the world of enterprises as well.

Here are some of the key transformations achieved in the enterprise world with the coming of the iPhone:

1. Lucrative And Ever-Growing Business Opportunities

The coming of the iphones to the mainstream has given businesses a boost by creating money minting opportunities, now that all activities of information exchange and commerce have started to be performed on mobile phones. The world of APIs which iPhone application development opens up for the businesses is yet another lucrative way businesses can reach out to an increased customer base.

2. Quality Centric Mentality In Customers

Steve Jobs always professed not to do any market research, but rather build a great product and create a market for it. This is what iPhone has precisely done by providing a lucid looking and working smartphone. It has in turn made customers realize that quality is something they should pay to get and has opened new avenues for businesses who have such a working philosophy.

3. Keeping Music Piracy At Bay

Apple iPhones simply won’t have users downloading shady apps to have pirated music on their phones and this has come as a boon to the music industry. Today artists and music production companies release songs exclusively for iTunes, as it fetches them their due share in the market, and hence curb piracy.

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