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How To Boost Customer Conversion In 2018 With Optimized Website Design?

When one speaks of an increased customer conversion rate, it is generally the inner aspect of a website such as the content and searches on-page optimization which is most talked of. But the website design is an equally important aspect when it comes to determining how well your website is able to convert customers for you.

Here are a few ways you can drive an increase in the rate of customers converted in 2018, based on having a well-optimized website design:

Simplicity Is The Name Of The Game

When it comes to a website which catches viewer frenzy, simple is the way to go. Declutter the design of the pages of your website, so that you only show the essential things on the page, without the users being drowned amidst too much information.

Make It Responsive

A recent study in the area brought out that most respondents would leave a website not owing to the lack of quality content on it, but simply because the web avenue was not responsive and engaging enough on mobile. Hire a responsive web designer if you want to engage visitors that are using mobile to access your site.

Multi-Step Loading

How the images, video and other media on your website load is an important aspect of a great website design. Go for a skeletal outer frame structure with media on the page loading in multiple steps, to optimize the website effectively from a human psychology standpoint.

Using Chatbots To Maximize Engagement

You can never undermine the importance of having a chatbot welcoming your customers and acting as the first level of engagement. They cannot just answer all queries of your customers, but can get better with each engagement at doing so, thanks to the AI powering them.

Want to drive customer engagement and conversion rate this year on your website? Then the most effective strategy is to hire a professional web design company that is a master of the trade. Openwave, practically the best web design company in Singapore, has the right skills and experience you need to ascend your website to the next level. Call us today! +65 94594989.

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