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4 Promising WordPress Trends to Grab the Center Stage In 2018

Time and trends wait for none. As 2018 chugs along, the trends in the web design industry move from being mere ideas to mainstream concepts. If you are a web developer or own a WordPress website, paying attention to the emerging trends in your industry can help you acquaint yourself with cutting-edge ideas and incorporate the same into your projects.

The following WordPress trends are expected to rule the roost in 2018:

Drag-and-Drop Customization

The latest versions of the WordPress platform incorporate ‘Drag-and-Drop’ features for theme customization. This makes it easy for developers to customize the website and make it easy to revamp the theme. The addition and removal of elements from the website are simplified.

Video Headers

Video headers are the newest trend today. Incorporating a promotional video into the background of the website and playing it on loop offers a vibrant and dynamic feel to the website. This also has the added advantage of lowering bounce rates, as users are likely to stay in the website at least for the duration of the video and learn about the brand before they migrate to a different web page.

VR Plugins

Today, most smartphones that hit the market are VR-capable. As low-cost VR goggles hit the market, making your website VR-ready is no longer a gamble but an effective marketing strategy. With this in mind, WordPress now offers VR plugins that make it easy for WordPress web developers to render their websites in Virtual Reality.

Parallax Scrolling

These designs are all the rage on the internet today and are particularly popular with single page web designs! By deliberately slowing down the background with respect to the foreground imagery, an illusion of depth is created which makes the UX extremely attractive. The WordPress community now offers hundreds of customized themes infused with this effect.

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