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5 Emerging Technology Trends in Android App Development

Today, the Smartphone is a ubiquitous device with close to 3 billion users globally. This number is only projected to balloon to 4 Billion by 2019. At the forefront of this revolution is Android with close to 2 Billion users of its own. Capturing around 80% of the market share, Android leads the market both in terms of revenue and technology growth. IOS, which boasts of 15% market share, plays second fiddle when it comes to all tech advancements. As we enter 2018, it is important to examine the emerging trends in Android App development and identify how they will shape consumer behavior in the times to come.

Businesses should pay attention to the following trends:

Web Apps + AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a revolution in the way users across the globe access and read stories on the internet. By blurring the line between mobile apps and web apps, AMP allows instantaneous loading of stories and boosts the readability of web pages on mobile phones.

Augmented Reality

If you know PokemonGO, then you know what Augmented Reality is. By embedding virtual elements into real environs, AR offers a myriad of functionality for users. This trend will become main-stream as a large number of businesses are expected to hire Android app developers for the same.

Virtual Reality

Predominantly viewed as a technology suited for game development, VR is now making inroads into several other domains such as tourism, education, and engineering. As Android devices get faster and powerful, VR devices such as Google cardboard will open up several new avenues for this technology.

Mobile Finance Service (MFS) Apps

Thanks to the boost in mCommerce, users today are increasingly habituated to using mobile wallets and other mobile financing options. As the planet moves towards a cashless economy, these apps will have an increasing role to play.

Security Factor in Apps

Apps are today expected to be more secure than ever before. With increasing layers of security and features such as fingerprint locks, apps are expected to be significantly more secure in the future.

Developing apps with these cutting-edge technologies requires the support of an expert development team. Benefit from the expertise of Openwave, the leading Android app development company in Singapore.

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