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5 Tips You Must Incorporate To Make Your Magento Ecommerce Store Holiday Ready

With less than a week to go until the month of Christmas, the holiday mood is slowly gripping the market. As businesses revamp their online and offline stores to cater to the holiday demand, it is important for you, as a business, to take a measure of how to boost eCommerce sales. Retailers across the globe are looking up to Magento as their go-to eCommerce platform – and so should you.

If you are taking this route for amping up your eCommerce operations, incorporating the following tips during the development process is necessary to make your business holiday-ready:

Theme Modifications

The most crucial modification. The best way to generate interest is to revamp the website to suit the holiday theme. This can help garner more attention from holiday shoppers. A simple modification such as adding Santa hats on the brand logo can have a powerful impact.

Accept all Payment Methods

Apart from digital currency and setting up multiple payment modes to boost the holiday sales, provide meal passes and gift coupons as well. Using such alternative modes of payment can encourage more customers to buy from you in large quantities during the festive season.

Strong Customer Support

The best way to gain customer loyalty is by offering customer support that is capable of ensuring that all customer requests are handled effortlessly without any dropped chats or calls. Use Magento store customization to incorporate robust chat handling features.

Brace for Volume

The traffic during the holiday season is immense. The last thing your brand needs is a website crash during weekend peak sales. Hence, upgrading the server capacity is vital to ensure a successful revamp for holiday season and also aids smooth handling of the incoming customer volume.

Personalize the Experience

Personalizing the experience for the user can help build affinity with the website. For instance, you can address them with their first name and also add useful features such as 360° views of the product to help increase product desirability.

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