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5 Recommended Tips to Boost App Installs during the 2017 Holiday Season

The holidays are bountiful not only in terms of boons, but also in terms of business! It is the time of the year when businesses across the globe gear themselves up to serve the shopping fever that grips the whole of Singapore. In anticipation of the Christmas season, consumers from across the nation pamper themselves by splurging their money on shopping. By strategically positioning themselves, retailers stand to benefit from the spike in eCommerce sales for the holiday season. Also, businesses that embrace mobile apps as a part of their holiday strategy stand to benefit the most from this frenzy.

Here are some tips that can help businesses promote their apps effectively during the holiday rush:

Social Media Authentication

This is a highly effective way of capturing customer information. Studies show that up to 73 % of users prefer login using social media accounts. This makes it easy for businesses to benefit by capturing user preferences and information from social media sites.

Intensive Marketing using CTAs

By embedding CTAs at every turn on their websites, businesses can aggressively promote their apps and drive app installs. They can also provide users with spot discounts on App installs. This is effective because, by trading off margins businesses can capture customers that can shop with them year-round on apps.

Incentivize Users

Businesses should incentivize customer feedback and app installs by promoting dedicated coins, tokens, credit, and reward points that customers can use while shopping on the application. This drives word-of-mouth promotions and helps improve app installs.

Promote App-Only Coupon Codes

By retaining customers on the application, businesses stand to benefit a lot from reduced operational costs. To promote more usage of apps, businesses can promote App-only coupon codes. This will motivate customers to adapt to app-based transactions and boost eCommerce sales for this holiday season.

Build Holiday Themed Games

Businesses can take a leaf out of Google’s book which occasionally incorporates fun-games into its Google doodles. App developers can incorporate such themed-games into their apps to increase installs and drive usage during the peak season.

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