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How to Use .NET to Create Cost-Effective Enterprise-Level Websites and Web Apps?

Microsoft’s .NET framework has been around for a long time and, after a few initial hiccups, has gained acceptance with both developers and users. Organizations worldwide use the accessible .NET technology – including ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio – to create enterprise-level server-based web apps and websites quickly and affordably.

Why should you use the technology for your business software? It gives you maximum returns on minimum investment. Here are some ways in which it is helpful:

Three-Pronged Approach

Microsoft has split ASP.NET into three different parts: WebForms, MVC and WebPages. Web Forms allow you to create web apps quickly through WYSIWYG design and a drag-and-drop feature. MVC, on the other hand, separates the business logic layer and presentation layer to allow for quick development. Web Forms is suitable for small-scale website building projects.

Visual Web Developer

The Visual Web Developer is a development environment that is used to create web apps. It is one of the most user-friendly and powerful IDEs in the market at the moment. The environment assists developers in designing, editing, testing, debugging and deploying software. Problems can be quickly identified with it.


The platform is a very secure. In combination with Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), you can protect users effectively against hackers and data breaches. It allows you to authenticate user credentials (names/passwords) through Windows integrated authentication, Forms and Client Certificate.


Developing quality software isn't cheap. But thanks to a significant development and debugging environment, coupled with the model-view-controller development approach, you can create powerful and platform-independent web apps on time and within budget. The separate of the logic and presentation allow developers to team up with designers to quickly work on a project by dividing responsibilities. Finding hosting is also easy, as is maintaining the software.


There's a great need for apps that run on all kinds of development environments these days – including PCs, tablets and mobile phones. ASP.NET is ideally suited to hybrid application development. You can develop applications with all kinds of leading-edge features with it and include Cloud support for them.

Building .NET-based software in-house can cost you a lot of resources, including the time you have to invest in scouting for talent. You can hire Openwave’s .NET developers to build quality, made-to-order software at reasonable cost.

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