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Why Startups Worldwide are Launching Mobile Apps to Drive Business Growth?

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. In fact, we’re right in the middle of a smartphone revolution. People use their phones to pay bills, read up on the latest news, stream their favourite TV shows and also to stay in touch with friends and family. People also want to conduct business on their phones, especially via apps –it’s easy and convenient to do so.

Startups worldwide are launching mobile apps – both to engage with customers better than before and to boost business growth. Here are some reasons why you should consider launching your app:

Customers Expect It

The primary reason why you should own an app is if your clients expect it of you. Not catering to customer expectations will reduce your brand value and cause you to lose business – you'll drive them directly to competitors that own applications.

Gather Useful Information

Customers interact with their phones dozens of times a day. This behaviour presents an unprecedented opportunity for your company to gather precious customer data. You can learn more about their preferences, demands and buying patterns and then use all this info to boost business.

Market Research Supports It

Have you done market research in your niche? Chances are, the leaders are already using applications to provide services to customers. Without one, it’ll be hard for your business to survive – especially in today’s hyper-competitive market.

Connect With Consumers

You can connect to buyers/clients better on their phones, even when they’re on the move. You will be able to provide useful information – through push notifications – when they need it. With social media support, you can connect with more people than ever. You can also boost the customer service experience through it.

Does Your Startup Truly Need An App?

Not all businesses will benefit from an application, but most startups can and should. Here are some common scenarios where your company could benefit from one:

• You handle a lot of transactions: These transactions could be handled more conveniently on smartphones.

• You provide recurring services: Your customers won’t have to visit your office regularly anymore – they’ll just need a smartphone.

• Your customers are young: Young people often refuse to do business with firms that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Apps can both help you boost engagement and increase productivity. You can partner with Openwave’s mobile app developers to build an outstanding minimum viable product (MVP) at very pocket-friendly prices.

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