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Should You Opt For In-House Development or Outsource the Project?

Many businesses are hesitant to outsource the development on a critical project. There are regular instances of fraud and shoddy work, after all, and many think it’s best to hire a developer or team to work in-house instead.

So which one should you go for? Here are some factors that will help you make a better-informed decision:

Costs of Development

Hiring an in-house developer can be 200% more expensive – or even more – sometimes. On the other hand, companies can save 40% - or more - in development costs by outsourcing a project. It all depends on the size/scope of the project, though, and costs can escalate long-term.


The biggest drawback of in-house development is the commitment. Many companies end up hiring developers they only need for a couple of months and then bench them for a couple more, before putting them to work again. With outsourcing, you can commit short-term and hire talent as demand increases/decreases.


There are many bitter stories companies report when outsourcing development to a dedicated developer. However, the quality of the end-product depends on a lot of factors and outsourcing the project doesn’t mean that you will receive a sub-par product. It all depends on the team you hire. If you have good chemistry and they understand your vision, you can build something of high-quality.

Time to Deployment

Finding the right local talent and getting them to join your team can take a long time. You will also need to set up some local infrastructure for them, which can take a while. With an external developer, on the other hand, you can begin developing immediately and build a finished product quickly.

Logistical Challenges

It’s much more convenient to handle a team works in the same building as you. On the other hand, you don’t have to manage a team if you outsource a project – the management is handled by a specialized project manager, who is responsible for communicating with you and for ensuring that development is going as planned.

To sum it up, it is almost always better to outsource a project – provided you find a reputable developer, of course. Make sure the developer or team you recruit has the skills you need, a transparent transaction process, and a strong portfolio to back it all up. Openwave’s dedicated developers are very experienced and have the expertise necessary to build excellent business software on time and under budget.

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