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Top Reasons to Embrace Business Mobility in the Smartphone Era

Over half the world’s population will own a smartphone by the year 2025, according to the latest research. Mobile internet usage has grown by a jaw-dropping 600% from 2010 to 2015. In fact, we’re at a stage where a business – even a small one - that doesn’t offer mobile-friendly services is shunned by customers/clients.

Embracing mobility can lead to massive increases in employee productivity and customer engagement. Here are some ways that business mobility – with the help of a smartphone app – can significantly benefit your business:

24/7 On-The-Go Accessibility

Before, when a company executive was travelling somewhere, they had to leave a forwarding address/contact number to customers/clients. Thanks to smartphone apps with unified communications (UC) technology, it's possible to field calls from customers even on the move. What's more, custom business apps can be a very useful resource – they offer features like call monitoring, call logging, information resources, and much more. Consumers love 24/7 access.

Telecommuting Workforce

According to the latest data, over 40% of all workers in multinational companies telecommute or prefer to telecommute once in a while – like during emergencies. Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) technologies allow employees to turn their home into a remote office. Not only does this benefit the employees, but it also helps the organization significantly by preventing loss in productivity.

Ready Accountability

A major concern some businesses have is the responsibility involved with a mobile system. For example, while it's easy to track an employee's productivity while they're using a computer at the workplace, what happens when they field calls on their mobile phones or work from home? Thanks to mobile business apps, it's possible to track employee productivity even when they're on-the-go.

Are You Worried About Work-Life Balance?

Employees dislike talking to clients or customers from their personal mobile phones. Why? Customers will often call them whenever they want – even during off time – on their phones, which throws work-life balance out-of-whack. Specialized business apps allow you to turn your mobile phone into a virtual business phone – when you call a client with your mobile, they will see your business phone number!

Thanks to rapid evolution in technology, it’s cost-effective to build enterprise-level applications that can be readily accessed on a range of devices like smartphones and tablets. Openwave's master app developers are available to create leading-edge hybrid apps for businesses that boost productivity at very reasonable rates.

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