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3 Of The Ultimate Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Trends All Set To Rule

Rewind back to some years – VR and AR were still in their nascent stages of development and not everyone thought about making use of it. Now, so many years down the lane, companies have been competing, pitted against each other to absorb the latest AR and VR developments into their enterprise. These technologies have become faster, better and affordable with time. More and more people are diving right into the new experience.

Here are some important recent trends in their development that business owners, developers as well as consumers must learn about:

Established in Multiple Industries

VR and AR have established a firm place for them in different industries, ranging from engineering, tourism, security, sports, enterprises, advertising,and healthcare etc., proving to be a major money spinner for them! Nowadays we can find VR technology almost everywhere – on phones, other hand-held devices, in online gaming, in educational sessions, etc, thus boosting demand for Virtual Reality application development. In that regard, AR might just have to catch up a little bit. Nonetheless, both have managed to deepen their roots in the real world.

Long-Term Business Benefits

Both the technologies have not just been well-established in the aforementioned fields. They have been predicted to uncontrollably expand over the next couple of years and projected as promising, especially to business owners. Investing in them now is, in the long run, sure to make you an early bird who has very high chances of catching the worm. Expect to encounter these in everyday objects a few years from now, as more developers are placing them under the sun!

Multifarious and Diverse Uses

Even though the technical duo has shown the largest employment in remote business applications, smartphone apps are not far behind. It is highly likely that in the years to come, the percentage of mobile phones using AR and VR is going to surpass the percentage of businesses incorporating them. This has been followed by applications in transportation, digital navigation,and wearable devices, with just a minuscule percentage usage in conducting holographic meetings.

Now, you know the real deal. AR/VR technologies are going to have a huge impact and its best if you want a roaring trade operating in full swing in the future, or present for that matter. Get a foothold over the two technologies with Openwave, one of the leading AR and VR Development Company in Singapore. Contact us now: +65 94594989.

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