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Top 5 Development Trends in 2017 to Make Your Mobile App Successful

According to a report by respected global research firm Gartner, mobile apps will generate a jaw-dropping $77 billion in revenues through downloads alone. The iconic game Pokémon GO made developer Niantic Labs over $600 million through in-app purchases in three months alone. Clearly, mobile apps are here to stay and are making their developers rich.

2017 is going to be a big year for developers, thanks to big strides taken by technology in the past few months. Here are top 2017 development trends you can take advantage of to make a successful application:

Location-Based Service Support

Location-based services (LBS) are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including commerce, travel, and healthcare. Developers are using LBS to provide useful information and services to customers depending on their location. For example, in retail stores, customers now get special offers when they go near a specific section of a store via apps.

The Augmented Reality Feature

The Augmented Reality features became extremely popular in games last year. This year, we are going to see the technology being used in all kinds of apps, especially those in the utility niche. AR not only looks good, but it also helps customers find the information they are looking for faster.

Instant Loading

Nobody wants to wait around for minutes for an app to download and load – not when they are going to delete it later anyway. With the latest technology and Cloud support, developers are making “instant” loading apps that load with a single tap. Most of the processing is carried out on remote servers, allowing users to use features and services without using a lot of data or draining their phone’s battery.

Personalization through Embedded AI

Embedded AI is becoming common. It allows the app to generate services or personalised recommendations based on the time of the day, the person’s location, their mood, history, preferences, and other factors. Embedded AI (especially chatbot technology) allows brands to offer a more personalised experienced and boost customer engagement.

Rise of Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications are becoming popular with big enterprises. Employees often bring their own devices (BYOD) to work and want to be able to access business apps from them. With hybrid tech, developers can build apps that can be accessed readily on phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

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