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7 Killer Strategies to Escalate Christmas Sales via Mobile Apps

Today, we dwell within the realm of a digitized world. Our activities are quite dependent on virtual assistance as they greatly enhance our productivity and accelerate our growth. Mobile applications have made it even more lucrative for us to flourish and develop through their brilliant features and solutions. While holiday seasons such as Christmas provide us with an abundance of opportunities to up-scale our ventures and grow exponentially, an ocean of competition can make it extremely difficult to rise.

Here are 7 killer strategies to escalate Christmas sales via mobile applications.

Christmas Theme and Offers

With the air filled with the scent of holiday season, it makes sense to change the theme of your app to connect better and more deeply with customers. In doing so, you will draw more customers to your venture and passively persuade them to check it out. Moreover, fill apps with exclusive holiday offers with a time limit. This greatly kindles customer interests and will possibly lead to increased conversion rates. You could also add Christmas-exclusive items as well.

Improving App Interface

It is very important to update your app with special user interface such that it evokes holiday emotions and develops a strong bond with the users. Providing a unique and memorable experience will undoubtedly win hearts and the word about it will spread to more before you know it. Include high quality images, attractive animations and immersive videos to captivate customers and gently nudge to them to continue navigating until they find something they deem worthy of buying.


Work around providing incentives to customers. This is done is by offering some kind of reward for each progress made. For example, introducing programs wherein customers get cashbacks for purchasing from your e-store or awarding special rewards for successful referrals are both lucrative ideas for retaining customers and encouraging them to engage with your app more. This serves as a great strategy for creating a win-win situation. Thus, by gamifying the process during Christmas, you can potentially improve customer engagement.

Integrating Social Media

Social medial is king when it comes to spreading news and messages. Connecting popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, you can exponentially escalate your venture to great heights. Providing conducive environments which encourage users to engage with content and share them, a lot of promotions and marketing is done by customers themselves. Moreover, such platforms provide highly underpriced adds which can potentially draw huge waves of traffic. Employing these powerful tools in your app during or even before Christmas, you are sure to convert sales more than ever!

Optimizing for Better Performance

During Christmas season, your app is likely to be accessed by several customers. Providing a seamless experience with no lag and smooth transition from page to page, you will have to limit if not eliminate the number of hassles customers will have to go through. Make the process for purchasing items extremely simple such that further exploration is made easy. Focus on improving load times, minimizing steps involved in purchasing process, removing unnecessary distractive elements and the like to ensure effective optimization of your app.

In-App Push Notifications

One of the best features of apps is push notification. Research reveals that it leads to more conversions than e-mail marketing and other strategies. These notifications can be personalized based on customer interests and can be sent anytime. With such a customizable tool, effective employment will certainly benefit your venture as customers are very likely to respond to this approach. You can interact more during Christmas season by announcing various offers and sales and providing personal suggestions.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

When customers come to you with some queries related to a product of interest, you can maximize returns using this useful strategy. Leveraging on customer support systems like live chat, personally engage with customers to resolve queries and actively persuade them to buy items they show interest in. Additionally, you can suggest them more expensive items of the same genre which is “up-selling” or convince to purchase other items which are closely related to the product of their choice for “cross-selling”. This way, the average order value is augmented and more profits are attained at the end of the deal. Use this trick well and help yourself this Christmas!

Employing these killer strategies, we can successfully scale-up and improve conversion rates during the Christmas season. If you are looking for a mobile app development company in Singapore, get in touch with Openwave! We house a superior arsenal of app developers who are only one call away from delivering you the best! Connect with us now to grab your quote!

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