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8 Killer Strategies To Augment E-commerce Sales This Holiday Season

Holiday seasons are always filled with delight and excitement. The feeling of happiness is kindled from within and a healthy aura is spread amongst peers and family. An activity that escalates exponentially around this time is shopping! The best way to capitalize on this in this era of digitization is by launching an e-commerce venture. It has an amazing sales potential due to its extensive reach and customer-friendly interactions. Perform impeccably by employing its lucrative means to expand your business.

Here are 8 killer strategies to augment e-commerce sales during this holiday season.

1) Ready Your E-Commerce Site for Holiday Season

This is undoubtedly the most important step to carry-out. If you fail to theme your website with holiday content, you will not attract customers despite all the marketing you may have done. It is really important to render the sensation of festive season to gently nudge visitors to explore your store and probably even make a purchase or two. Also, it is common to receive a huge wave of traffic around this time and it is best that you are prepared for it beforehand. Connect with web hosts and make necessary arrangements to provide the robustness your website will need.

2) Re-Direct Customers to Mobile Devices

Mobile applications have really paved way for extreme levels of accessibility. With people almost always carrying smartphones and tables with them, it is evidently one of the best ways to seek customer attention. Get an amazing app made and funnel visitors to your app, which will potentially further increase your sales.

3) Prevent Cart Abandonment

Research reveals that slow load times are one of the major reasons why customers abandon carts. It is noted that a load time of over 3 seconds mostly cause visitors to close the page and move to another. In such a scenario, it is crucial to ensure that unnecessary elements are chopped-out and lag is pretty much eradicated. Avoid adding features that distract customers and reduce the number of steps required to complete purchases.

4) Improve Connections

With the spread of a good aura amongst everyone, it is really delightful to get a bit personal with people and connect with them on a deeper level. This act is seen as a gentle and kind one and is highly appreciated generally. Practice on improving connections by interacting better and providing exclusive offers. This will help build your e-commerce store on a very strong foundation. What’s really good about this way of conduct is that customers tend to become more loyal and will pay visit next time as well.

5) Facebook Advertisement

Facebook has been highly underrated for the kind of reach it gives its users. It is grossly underpriced for its extremely effective services. It allows you to specifically target audience and send across your content and ads only to them, thus enhancing your chances of achieving sales. Moreover, it has over two billion active users which provide you excessively abundant opportunities to boost sales, especially via e-commerce. With such a scenario, in this age of digitization, it is extremely possible to reach the right customers and engage with them to close deals.

6) Creatively Exploit Instagram

Instagram is another unbelievably amazing social media platform which renders huge opportunities for several businesses to flourish. It has a unique algorithm which mines potential customers and presents them with your content. Its brilliant layout and other features allow users to get really creative and cause a great sense of attraction. Exploiting this very nature of Instagram, you can draw many customers to your e-commerce website and improve conversion rates without much effort! Like Facebook, this platform is also incredibly underpriced for the exemplary performance it exhibits! How well you engage with people is a big determinant for your popularity over here. So, make sure you dedicate enough time and effort in getting in touch with potential customers.

7) Create and Present Alluring Infographics

Infographics allow you to concisely and precisely present what your customers need to know. It is a great way to catch eyes and if attractive enough, it can easily get viral too! Customers do not want to waste time reading elaborate content many-a-times, which is when this method comes in handy. Deliver your message in the best way possible with this highly effective tool. Marketing becomes incredibly professional and wins a lot of trust and reliability among customers. This way, you can drive more traffic to your e-commerce website.

8) Re-Market after Marketing

Many times, marketing once will not suffice. People need that extra nudge to get back to your store and complete their purchase. It is important you revert back to the ones who had paid a visit to your e-commerce website but haven’t to lure them into buying your products and services. Once you are aware of a customer’s interests, you can potentially captivate the person by sending across personalized e-mails and providing exclusive offers. Moreover creating a sense of urgency by limiting the availability of your deals will push the customer to fulfill your deal. Thus, re-marketing is of significance and taking action upon it will definitely result in improved conversions.

On account of the up-coming holiday season, it is vital to have a grand scheme. Employ all the above strategies to skyrocket your sales and performance of your e-commerce store. However, if you need assistance with creating one, get in touch with our experts at Openwave, in Singapore. We excel in providing exemplary e-commerce web development services. Call us now to get the best deal from us!

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