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5 Tips To Have Your Mobile Site Ready For This Holiday Season

Holiday season brings with it a lot of challenges for marketing as well as boosting sales. It's not easy to overcome them unless you prepare yourself beforehand. A vital thing to consider while getting ready is taking care of the mobile site. It is imperative that you tweak it to suit the climate and mood of the season in order to increase your chances of flourishing.

Here are 5 tips by which you can have your mobile site ready for this holiday season.

1) Learn From the Previous Year's Data

It's crucial to save statistics of previous holiday seasons to understand what methods used were effective and what weren't. It helps you eliminate strategies that don't work and improve on those that do. Also, you get new insights on how to proceed with everything right from the mobile site's design to its functionality. New techniques can be adopted to tackle problems faced earlier. The goal for this holiday season is to make attractive web designs, promote it better, drive more traffic, minimize customer complaints and difficulties, enhance user experience and most importantly, boost sales. Use exhaustive analytical tools to help you make effective decisions.

2) Assess and Optimize Navigation

Always go back to how your customers will navigate to products and evaluate ease, efficiency, and rate of checking-out. Focus on optimizing at every level of navigation for best results during this holiday season. Adopt simpler yet functional designs that enable customers to make purchase without any hassle. This also encourages them to add more products to their shopping cart. Work on eliminating all kinds of distractions and keep them focused on completing purchase. Check if categorization is alright or if it needs any modification to simplify navigation. Create sub-categories, in order to avoid confusion and define range of products better.

3) Send Newsletters via E-Mail

Don't stick only to a mobile app or site. Try to reach your customers via e-mail as well. Send newsletters informing about your up-coming releases and offers you have during holiday season. Provide some pre-order discount and other fascinating deals which allure customers and in-turn boost sales. Newsletters are professional advertisements which have the ability to capture attention of customers. Use it wisely and capitalize on every letter you send. Send a series of letters, patiently informing about each and every to-be-launched product. Re-direct them to your mobile website and gently nudge to make a purchase.

4) Review and Improve User Experience

Pay keen attention to every feedback received from customers and ensure that no room for frustration and complaints is given. Enhance user experience as much as possible to improve conversion rates. Again, evaluate each step of the journey your customer takes in your mobile website and optimize it for maximum gain. The key is to keep things minimalistic so that customers are not confused at any point of time while shopping. Work on every negative experience and turn them into positive ones. A winning user experience during holiday season is proportionate to a dramatic increase in product sales.

5) Introduce Holiday-Theme and Employ Rich Notifications

Make your mobile website and app holiday-themed to cater for the mood of customers. Add catchy images and videos. Tweak designs to give the feel of festive season. Also, create rich designs for notifications and advertisements. Up your promotion game by religiously sending ads and notifications to as many customers as possible subsequently attaining a reach like you never did the entire year. This is your chance to win big. Don't let it waste. Continuously collect customer data and ping information about their products of interest whenever you detect it. Bring products in front of their eyes to minimize their effort and complete product purchase with ease.

Employing these tips, your mobile website will be all ready to start rolling. Holiday season is a busy season and you have to get busy to get something out of it. Openwave is the most proficient web design company in Singapore! If you want to build a mobile friendly website to boost sales this holiday season, connect with us now and have an eye-popping mobile website made in no time! Use Coupon: OWC-HolidaySP to avail 10% flat off!  Hurry Up!

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