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How Startups Can Grow Rapidly by Building a Mobile App?

Almost every small business seems to have a mobile app these days, including restaurants, shops, malls, cinemas, and even your local barber. Not only has the cost of development/maintenance come down greatly, but businesses that own an app are reporting improved revenues and customer engagement. If you’re a startup and have goals of making it big, building a mobile app is a must – we are in the midst of the smartphone era, after all.

Here are some significant advantages a mobile application can provide your startup:

Better Engagement

Research tells us that customers spend hours of their time on their phones. Of all the time they spend on their mobiles, about 90% is dedicated to mobile apps. A smartphone application helps you engage with your customers and keep your business accessible. It also keeps your business in the back of their minds – they’ll see your name every single time they view their phone’s home screen.

Improved Business Reach

An app helps you engage customers not only from your local region but also from around the world. Your app can stay online 24/7 and provide your products and services even when your office is closed. Before smartphones came around, it was very expensive to target travelling consumers. It’s cheap to target them via their phones now, though.

Lead Generation

A mobile application is an underrated lead generation tool. It can help you land many customers, especially if you integrate social media into it. With targeted newsletters, emails, and social media posts, you can convert clients who prefer to browse the internet via their phones.

More Revenues

Improved lead generation and visibility automatically translate into greater profits for the business. It's also possible to monetize your product and gain money through it directly. You can make money via advertisements, in-app sales, subscriptions, data selling, and downloads. Many developers make thousands of dollars in revenues every month.

Boost to Productivity

It’s possible to build an enterprise level ‘hybrid’ app that supports both your customers as well as employees. Some applications are being used to boost inter-departmental communication and camaraderie, as well as to automate many tasks, like HR and inventory management.

Customers not only think better of businesses that are mobile friendly, but they are also more likely to recommend them to their friends and family. You can build an app without emptying your wallet by outsourcing the project to Openwave’s mobile development team!

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