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Boost Holiday Sales by Sprucing Up Your Business Website

The holiday season is the time of the year when people cut loose and shop till they drop for presents for their families and friends. With the holidays just around the corner, you need to gear up and be prepared if you want your share of the holiday sales pie.

Your website must be well-designed, bug-free, and easy-to-navigate if you want to attract customers who shop online. Here are some tips that will help you spruce up your business website:

Release New Content As Soon As Possible

Customers love to scout for presents they are going to buy weeks before the holidays. If your site isn't updated –with current product descriptions, tutorials, and promotional content – now is the time to do it. It usually takes weeks for content changes to be reflected in Google rankings.

Use Local SEO to Your Advantage

Google ranks local businesses and services higher than companies that aren't local, usually. You need to use local search SEO techniques – with the help of analytics tools like Google Analytics - to boost your search engine rankings so that you can find more local customers.

Holiday Sales Will Attract More Customers

You can grow revenues by building a special holiday landing page and offer discounts on your best-selling products or services. Customers are much more likely to buy from a business which lets them save their hard-earned money.

Get More Customers by Going Responsive

Mobile eCommerce is all set to experience a big surge during the holiday season. By making your website responsive, you can make it more accessible than before to mobile users and boost your revenue by selling products to them.

Use Holiday Keywords

You need to use the right keywords in the promotional content you have up on your website. Phrases like “holiday discounts,” “gifts for family,” and “Christmas electronics sale,” will generate a lot more traffic for your site.

Videos Are Worth A Thousand Pictures

You can use video marketing to good effect during the holidays. Videos tell a more engaging story than pictures – or words, for that matter - ever could. You can use vlogs, video tutorials, and short movies to make more sales.

You can expect retail giants like to give you full competition during the next few weeks. If you are new to the business or don't have coding experience, it will be worth your while to hire our expert ecommerce website development team to redesign or optimize your website for you.

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