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Great Benefits of Utilizing the Dedicated Resource Model for Project Development

When it comes to developing software for your organization, there are two main models you can employ: the in-house development paradigm and the external dedicated resource model. Research suggests that the latter can bring down project development costs by 40%, and also speed up deployment times through the increased productivity offered by teams of specialists focusing on a single task.

Who Needs the Dedicated Resource Model?

Businesses that are aware of the complexities and problems involved in developing software in-house, or those unwilling or unable to make long-term commitments, should hire dedicated developers. By hiring dedicated developers, you get access to technology, knowledge, experience, as well as the architecture necessary to complete even the most complex software project in a short span of time.

Dedicated developers are the perfect blend of in-house developers and freelancers - they give you the expertise, reliability, and control offered by an in-house team and the cost-effectiveness and flexibility provided by freelancers.

Such resources play a fundamental role in the success of your business project by:

Conserving Your Time and Money

When you hire an external team, they already own the hardware and software required for the project. You don’t have to pay for it, or for office space. You also don’t have to spend time and effort scouting the market for software development talent - you can pluck a readily available team off the market.

Allowing Flexible Resource Allocation

Software projects tend to have spikes in activity during different times. The model allows project managers – as soon as you communicate your requirements – to assign more or fewer resources when the project demands it. What’s more, you only have to pay for the amount of time they work.

Building an Outstanding Product

Dedicated development teams are comprised of experts that specialize in an area of development. Front-end developers, for example, work to make the application look good and easy-to-navigate, while back-end developers manage the working of the application. If the team cohesion and communication is high, they can generate excellent apps.

Of course, not every resource you come across will be up-to-the-mark. We recommend that you do your research, take a look at their team composition, and ask for examples of their previous work before hiring them. Our dedicated resources will enable you to successfully build an outstanding application without having to break the bank.

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