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Innovative Web Design Trends that Will Transform the Face of the Web in the Future

Web design is a constantly changing landscape. Back in the year 2000, smartphone technology was still in its infancy and smartphones barely had the processing power to run a browser application, let alone render a full website. Responsive or Mobile friendly design was first introduced as a concept at that time. Fast forward to 2017, and it's hard to imagine the internet without responsive design. In fact, the majority of web traffic now originates from mobile phones, as compared to desktop PCs!

So what is web design going to look like in 10 or 20 years from now? Here are some web designing trends we think will usher in a new era for the World Wide Web:

Pageless Design

Why does a website need multiple pages? Pages are a relic of the past, and some designers are coming up with innovative, single page websites that contain all the information a regular website has – except it’s condensed into a single page. It reduces the need for a user to navigate through multiple pages. Fast broadband connections, powerful processors, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript are making it possible.

Developers and Designers Working Together

In the past, web development and design were separate fields entirely, with back-end developers rarely interacting with front end developers. However, modern technology and changing user requirements are conspiring developers and designers into working together to create optimal solutions. Perhaps, in the future, the two disciplines may even merge into a single profession.

Will Chatbot Technology Replace Websites?

Chatbots are software programs that mimic human personalities. They allow people to interact with an AI (just like voice assistants, except Chatbots use text as a medium) to get tasks done. If a computer program can help a user find what they are looking for – like food or clothes – with a few text inquiries, we may not need websites in the future at all.

Telepathic Control

Telepathically controlling your computer or mobile sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel right? In fact, the technology is already being used in some commercial applications. Human brainwaves have unique signatures that can be read and interpreted by sensors. In the future, we may get to interact with the internet with just our thoughts.

Our web design team specialises in building websites with leading-edge features and future-proof design. If you need a new futuristic website made – or old one remade – we can do it for you quickly and affordably!

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