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Why Your Business Needs an Android Mobile App in 2017 to Sustain?

Over 268 billion apps will be downloaded worldwide this year, according to the latest industry research. As Android has a market share of over 80%, most of the apps will be downloaded to smartphones that run the OS in some form or the other. Hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide will purchase new smartphones by 2020. Businesses are taking note of this trend, and many are attempting to capitalise by launching business apps for mobile users.

Advantages of Building a Business Android App

So should you, as a business owner, create an Android app too? Yes, you should, and there are many reasons to do so:

• Bring down operational costs by providing services to clients remotely

• Automate business tasks, saving time and money

• Allow customers to make purchases from you instantly

• Market your business, especially through social media integration

• Engage customers effectively, even when they are on the go

• Boost brand recognition and gain goodwill

• Generate more revenues than ever before

Of course, your customers will only download and use your application if they like it. The most successful apps are well-optimized, easy to use, and offer something of value to users. They also integrate the latest trends and technologies to provide a high user experience. Any business app you are building must include the most recent trends if it's going to be effective.

Where is Android Development Headed?

In 2017, we are witnessing many new technologies. Here are some of the top trends to watch out for – and plan for – this year:

1) Hybrid Enterprise Apps: Thanks to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, employees now want to use enterprise level apps on their phones, which is where hybrid tech comes in.

2) The Android First Trend: It is now feasible for developers to release apps on Android first rather than on iOS.

3) Chatbot Technology: Chatbot technology is allowing many businesses to improve customer service and boost productivity.

4) IoT Support: With billions of internet enabled gadgets out there, IoT support has become a requirement for new products.

5) Lifelike Graphics: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are letting developers create applications that can provide an outstanding 3D experience.

Businesses that don’t create an Android mobile app are going to lose customers to their competitors. Openwave’s developers specialise in building healthy enterprise level Android apps, with beautiful design and cutting-edge features.

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