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Top Web Design Trends That Will Rule Take the Center Stage in 2017

The internet is undergoing a sea of change as we speak. 2017 is the year where website owners and web designers are looking to come up with new innovative features that will capture and hold the attention of today’s “been there, done that,” jaded audience.

Here are some revolutionary web design trends that we expect to occupy centre stage this upcoming year:

Priority to Mobile-Friendly Design

Everyone is adopting the “mobile first” approach these days, as traffic from mobile devices is matching and even surpassing from desktop PCs. We will see a lot more websites cater to mobile users with responsive design and other mobile-friendly features.

Engaging, Enchanting Storytelling

Everybody loves a good story. Designers will be using videos, bots, and animations to capture and hold the attention of today’s impatient generation. Expect to see full-screen videos and other eye-catchy effects become prominent in top websites.

Stock Photography Being Replaced By Original Imagery

Original, unique imagery that helps establish a site’s unique identity is going to replace safe stock imagery. You will get to see a lot more hand-drawn artwork, cartoons, and original pictures being used on pages.

Flat Design Will Feature Prominently

Google’s Material design technique is still gaining mainstream acceptance. 2017 will be the year in which websites use the philosophy as the foundation for their content. You can expect to see bold images, engaging moving content, and objects that will jump up from the page with the help of realistic lighting and depth effects.

Pseudo 3D Effects with Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a unique design approach that allows sites to display animations and background imagery in a 3D perspective while users scroll down. We expect designers to use it to as a way to engage users, provide them with a richer experience, and to better communicate with audiences.

Richer, More Vibrant Colors

Web designers have thus far stuck to safe, bland colours. Thanks to advances in technology, though, monitors and smartphone screens are much more capable than before of displaying vivid, vibrant colors. We expect to see a lot brighter, bolder colors being used in websites in 2017.

By integrating these trends into your website, you will not only impress visitors but also get a leg up on your competitors. Our highly experienced web designer can include these and other advanced features into your website in a short span of time, at affordable prices!

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